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HK Audio Lucas Nano 300 Versterkt Systeem voor 50 pers.

Productcode: SHK LUCAS-NANO300

737,00 euro

ArrowBal Lemca

666,00 euro

Probably the world"s smallest and lightest mulit optional sound system, LUCAS NANO 300 is the go-to rig for an impromptu jam session with an acoustic guitar and vocals, a champagne reception in a lobby, and a backyard cookout to catch the World Cup final with all your friends. It travels light in one hand and practically disappears once it"s set up. A keyboard, mic, acoustic guitar, and an MP3 or CD player can be plugged straight in, so you"ll rarely need an external mixer. Link mode connects two LUCAS NANO 300 to create a powerful twin stereo set. The two mixers are linked to put twice as many channels at your fingertips. LUCAS NANO 300 turns every a party into a performance!

* Versatile: Configures as a mono PA, a 2.1 setup or a double stereo set with twin satellites
* 2 satellites with 3.5" broadband woofers for excellent speech intelligibility
* 230 W power amp
* 120 dB max. SPL
* Low-ranging bass down to 44 Hz
* Satellite transport bay inside the subwoofer enclosure
* Weighs just 10.3 kg and leaves a very small footprint
* Several optional add-ons

LUCAS NANO 300 offers a wide range of ports for nearly every conceivable source from keyboard, mixer, microphone and acoustic guitar to an MP3 or CD player.

Two Lucas Nano 300s can be doubled up to create a more powerful stereo system. The two mixers communicate via the link cable, giving you twice the output power and number of input channels.

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Leveringstermijn circa 10 dagen.

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