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John Packer Fagot JP291 ABS-body

Productcode: 2910100

4790,00 euro

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3289,00 euro

The JP291 Bassoon is a highly durable student bassoon which doesn’t compromise on performance. With an ergonomic and durable mechanism, it is ideal for schools, music services and training orchestras as well as individuals. The instrument is made from high grade ABS which mimics the tonal qualities of wood ensuring a warm, even tone. This improved model builds on the original JP191 MKII but offers a higher level of performance that will see players through to the higher grades.

The JP291 features a high D, Eb and E key and attractive silverplated keywork increasing the instrument's longevity and reducing the need for regular services. The instrument includes a range of accessories to ensure new players have everything they need. These include a reed, pull-though, polishing cloth, cork grease and neck strap. The instrument is supplied in a robust hard case with case cover and backpack strap attachments for ease of transport. A small internal storage compartment provides the opportunity to store small accessories and cleaning equipment.

* Key: C
* Body: Black ABS
* Keywork: Silverplated keys, High E, Eb & D keys
* Finishes: Matte Black
* Additional features: 2 ring holes in butt cap for seat strap, handrest, handstrap, right hand crook lock
* Supplied with: Crook, Reed, Hard case, Pull-though, Polishing cloth, Cork grease, Backpack straps, Neck Strap

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Leveringstermijn circa 10 dagen.

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